Our Story

Since the late 1940’s, a small factory in Gallatin, Tennessee has hand-crafted Solid Wood furniture of the highest quality.

Building on over 70 years of furniture craftsmanship, our third-generation owners and employees are proud to present BenchMark — solid wood dining furniture in a wide variety of styles and sizes, assembled and custom finished for you in Tennessee in your choice of 20 non-toxic, water-based paints and stains.

The people you see in these pages are not actors–they are the Tennessee artisans who work everyday to bring BenchMark custom dining to you.   They take pride in their work, putting their names on every piece that leaves our doors.  We appreciate your interest in their handiwork, and invite you to browse our Products, our Craftsmanship, and our commitment to Sustainability to learn more about what we think is the best value in custom-made solid wood dining in the USA.





A 70-Year Legacy of Solid Wood Furniture from Tennessee