Care & Warranty

Cleaning your BenchMark Furniture

Daily care for your BenchMark furniture is as easy as dusting with a slightly dampened soft cloth, wiping with the grain of the wood.

Although the catalyzed lacquer finish of BenchMark tables is extremely hard and meets the standards of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association for resistance to heat, chemicals, and spills, it is still necessary to immediately wipe up spills, splatters, and waterspots and dry the surface.

If you wish to clean your BenchMark furniture, the best choice is a soft-lint free cloth and mild detergent and warm water.   Do not use any cleaner containing abrasives or any product containing silicone.   You can protect your furniture from scratches by using felt pads on the bottoms of items that are placed on the tables, but do not use pads that contain silicone.

Although it is not necessary, you may use non-silicone furniture polish if you wish, but please be aware that this may affect the sheen or gloss of the wood.   There is no need to use waxes on BenchMark dining furniture.

Solid Wood Care

BenchMark is constructed entirely of solid wood–which will continue to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity.   You can minimize this movement by maintaining a humidity of 30-40% in your home, but there is no way to completely prevent the movement or “breathing” of solid wood furniture.  Although we engineer your BenchMark furniture to accommodate this breathing of the wood, it can result in slight mis-matches where table halves and leaves meet, and is not considered a defect.   Additionally, solid wood shows the character of the trees from which the lumber is harvested — it will contain color variations, bird pecks, small knots, and mineral streaking from the soil the tree grew in.  This is part of the organic, natural beauty of solid wood and is not considered a defect.

Solid wood can react to UV light, especially in lighter colors.  If your furniture is placed in direct sunlight, please be aware over time that it can change the color of the wood.


Your BenchMark furniture is warranted against manufacturing defects for one year from the time of purchase.

A 70-Year Legacy of Solid Wood Furniture from Tennessee